Best Grow Taller Warm Up Exercises

grow taller warm ups - jogging

We do jogging and skipping as part of our warm up in Our Programs…. and yes please include them if you wish to… it may help you Grow faster.

One of the Reasons We do this is Because Jogging and Skipping Can Be a Moderate to Intense Exercise…

They Not Only Get You Warmed Up Really Quickly But Remember How I Told you in a Previous Email that Intense Exercise Leads to a Bigger Disbursement Of Growth Hormone…It also Gives You that Benefit Too…

However Even I have had days where I just didn’t fancy Either Skipping Or Jogging…a Few Other Good Warm ups are…

  • Cycling
  • Rowing
  • Walking up stairs (or Using the Stepper Machine in a Gym)
  • Cross Trainer
  • Power Walking
  • Climbing

All these Exercises Can be Done To an Intense Level too…I guess it’s Just Down to Personal Preference…

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