Can Protein Help You to Grow Taller?

Can Protein Help You to Grow Taller - eggs

Protein is a Key Element in Helping You to Grow Taller…

Protein is Essential For Helping You to Rebuild Your Muscles and To Help You to Gain Height…

Your body Can Channel Much Needed Protein to Various Parts Of your Body That May be in Need of Repair…

If you are Following a Grow Taller Program Which will Probably use Various Stretching & Workout Techniques…Then you need to make sure that Your Body has the Correct Protein in Order to Capitalise on the intense Pressure Of Encouraging your Body To Grow…

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In “Most” Cases Your Body Can Only Absorb 30-40 grams of Protein Per Meal…So Eating Any more than That is a Waste…

Ideally To Get the Most From Your Food then You should Be Looking to Eat 6 Small meals Throughout the Day with 30-40g of Protein Per Meal

With this Amount Of Protein Always Coming into Your body…You Will Be able to Benefit from Faster/ Larger/ More Quality Height Gains…

Can Stretching Really Help You To Grow Taller?

can stretching help you grow taller

Yes Stretching Really Can Help you to Grow Taller!

Regardless of Age/Sex/ Ethnic Origins…The Effects Of Stretching Have Been Proved Time and Time Again.

With Some Height Increase Programs… One Thing That Seems To Put People off is The Fact that They are Stretching their Back and Not So Much Their Legs

Ideally “Most” People Would Like to Grow Taller Not just in the Back but in the Legs Also…So they Look in Proportion…

With The Right Program This Can Be achieved…The First Thing to Do is To Stop Listening to All the Negative People on Forums and Comment Boxes on YouTube…Who get a Kick out of Making You Feel Like Crap…

So Many People in these Places Make comments on Programs they have Never Tried…or Tried half heartedly and Failed…

If you Listen to them…you will end up as Tall as them…

Instead Align yourself With The Successful Height Gainers…

grow taller inspiration

Get Inspiration From Those Who have Achieved the Height Goals You Desire and Want…

Try to Communicate With them and Find Out From a REAL person…How Much Effort & Time is Required to Grow Taller…

If You Copy And Take Note From The Successful Height Gainers…You Yourself Will Grow Taller & Increase Your Height

Also…Then Becoming an Inspiration To Others…


How To Grow Taller – 5 things you should be doing RIGHT NOW!!!

How To Grow Taller ?

Are you confused when it comes to Growing Taller? the main question i get as the Grow Taller Guru is How To Grow Taller?

Now…There is no simple answer to this…

but i’m going to share 5 things that you should be doing right now in order to Grow Taller

1) You Should be Getting 7-8 Hours of Solid Sleep Per Day 

2) You Should be Following Some sort of Stretching Regime

 3) You Should be Drinking 2 Litres of Water Per day

4) You Should be Getting a daily intake of Proteins From Foods in your Diet



5) You should Stop Smoking and Quit Alcoholic Drinks immediately.



Growing Taller Does Not Happen Overnight!!!

at the moment I have 2 volunteers trying out my Grow Taller program to see the effects on their heights checkout the videos below and please subscribe to my channel for weekly updates on their progress!


Intermittent Fasting and How it Could Help You to Grow Taller!

Before I begin explaining the rationale behind how intermittent fasting has got anything to do with growing taller, let me explain what is intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is a pattern of eating that alternates between periods of fasting (usually meaning consumption of water only) and non-fasting. Some people of certain cultural religious backgrounds do engage in some sort of intermittent fasting during certain period of the year or time. Some people believe that intermittent fasting has some beneficial health benefits, and can enhance longevity as calorie-restriction is proven to prolong lifespan. In fact, intermittent fasting is almost like a silver bullet against disease and aging. Basically, these groups of people would refrain from eating for almost a day, only consuming water.

So, your question would be. How does Intermittent Fasting help one to grow taller?

Reduce Brain Insulin

Firstly, intermittent fasting or skipping meals can help reduce brain insulin level. Insulin is a peptide hormone, produced by beta cells of the pancreas, and is central to regulating carbohydrate and fat metabolism in the body. Insulin causes cells in the liver, skeletal muscles, and fat tissue to take up glucose from the blood. Therefore with reduced insulin level, a person’s body have lesser fat, and this can aid the process of growth and development a lot more efficiently, which is necessary for growing taller.

Increased in Growth Hormone Level

Secondly, intermittent fasting can increase growth hormone production significantly! It is known and studied that people who ate only 2 big meals in a day, and fasted, tend to be healthier and stronger, and in some cases taller! For example.

The Maasai people of Africa generally eat two meals a day – in the morning and at night. The Masai are exceptionally tall people and some of the healthiest that Weston Price observed in his study of traditional peoples in the early 1930s.

Clearly, their bodies don’t lack nutrients. They eat plenty of food at meal time. They aren’t calorically or nutritionally deprived. They merely condense their intake between longer intervals.

Intermittent fasting does not significantly reduce calories. In fact, the object of intermittent fasting is not caloric restriction. Regular large, high nutrient meals satisfy a person’s nutritional needs and provide the building blocks needed to grow. Not only does fasting not stunt growth it increases growth hormone. An increase in growth hormone can actually boost a child’s height making them grow taller than they otherwise would.

Cell repair and waste elimination

Another reason for why intermittent fasting could actually be a good strategy to grow taller is that it helps in cell repair and waste elimination. During a grow taller program, through intense exercises and stretching, many muscle tear and tissue damaged is being done. Intermittent fasting will help the recovery period and help to ensure that the muscle and bones do grow well. Intermittent fasting also helps cleanse the body off toxins and ensures the body’s renewed revival state! Therefore, some people say that intermittent fasting is like a body cleansing period where your body will feel more rejuvenated and refreshed than ever before!

All in all, it is always good to teach our children and young ones some basic intermittent fasting skills and methods so that they can start from young! Such practice will not only make us healthier, but also recognise the importance of hunger and how fortunate for some of us to have food on our table to eat.

Some Orthodox Christians and Muslims engage in some form of fasting strategy, and they have found many benefits from doing so! For those of you who want to grow taller, you can always try this method! While it is hard at first to refrain yourself from eating the first time, always keep in mind your goal and put in the determination!

With that, we wish all of you the best of luck in your growing taller journey!

Ayurvedic Urea to Grow Taller

I have received hundreds of emails about people asking me about Ayurvedic Urea. Apparently, Ayurvedic Urea is a product that promises people to grow taller without doing anything. I have tried researching about it, and I am going to reveal some information about this product to you! Whether or not it really works, you guys decide for yourself! It is soon going to be launched in 2014!

What is Ayurvedic Urea?

Ayurvedic Urea is a powder/pill/liquid form product that when consumed, is proven to help one grow taller significantly! Depending on how much one wants to grow taller, the duration and dosage will apply.

Does it guarantee growth?

Apparently, many online forums and past clients have told me that they really grew taller from Ayurvedic Urea, and that they really became a lot taller!

How much does it cost?

It costs a bomb! It can range from US$10,000- US$100,000 depending on where you can get it, how much you are planning to grow, and whom you purchase it from!

Who can use Ayurvedic Urea to grow taller?

People from ages 13-35 who wants to grow taller can try taking Ayurvedic Urea! It is not advised for people above 50 years old, and people with HIV or dwarfism to take it as there will be no effect on them!

Where can I find Ayurvedic Urea?

You can Ayurvedic Urea in remote parts of Nepal and Africa!

How long must I wait to see results?

Result is said to be visible within 1-2 weeks of usage! A person can generally grow 1 inch in 10-14 days!

What are some negative effects of Ayurvedic Urea?

There are no found negative effects or long term disadvantages to it! However, people who consume Ayruvedic Urea may experience extreme fatigue and is advised to sleep and rest more! Therefore, try to reduce your activity level to the minimum if you are consuming this!

Where can I order it?

You can order it online! However choose the right supplier as you might get scammed easily! CLICK HERE FOR TRUSTED AYURVEDIC UREA SUPPLIERS

Why is it so expensive?

Ayurvedic Urea is very rare. The government in Nepal and Africa is regulating the sale of it, and only a certain amount of it can be sold every year! Therefore you have to grab fast!

How do you use it?

Basically, you will have to consume about 500mg – 1000mg of Ayurvedic Urea a day (morning, afternoon, night) , depending on the dosage. Instructions will be given when you purchase them! Also, avoid drinking and smoking when you are on Ayurvedic Urea!
In conclusion, those of you who want to purchase this item must think critically, and be ready to fork out a huge sum of money! It can be said that this product costs more than the traditional limb lengthening surgery! Do not purchase immediately before researching and doing the necessary measures to protect yourself from scammers.

With that, we wish all of you the best of luck in your growing taller journey!

Growing Taller Consistently Rather than Instantly!

I have thousands of clients who confides in me regarding height increase. Some of them have successfully become taller, while some failed to achieve their desired results. And after years of research and crucial analysis, it dawned upon me that there are typically 2 types of people who goes through a grow taller program; one who goes extremely intense and ended up giving up after a few weeks, and one who is persistent and achieves slow but yet steady progress over a long period of time. Of course at the end of the day, the latter will reign over the former. It is very easy for us to start a program with a huge amount of enthusiasm and end up giving up as it gets more intense. Let me briefly describe these 2 categories of people and decide for yourself which do you belong to.

Former: Someone who got motivated and starts a grow taller program with so much enthusiasm, thinking that it is going to be a piece of cake. He/she goes full intense through day by day, and feels overwhelmed by the program. After a few weeks of strenuous program, he/she discovered he/she has grown slightly taller, but due to the overwhelming physical and mental pressure that he/she faces during the program, decides to tone down a little, but ended up giving all up. His/her height was temporary, and he/she went back to his/her initial height again.

Latter: Someone who is motivated to start a grow taller program with a right set of mindset and attitude. Willing to take up challenges and have a winning attitude. Persistent and consistent in his/her program. Started slow and steady, and slow increased his/her intensity as time goes by. Progress may be slow, but evident. As program gets more and more intense, physical and mental pressure begins to accumulate, but this individual has the right mindset and attitude to pursue his dream; slowly, consistently and persistently gaining additional height.

For most of us, we might fall into the former category as it is human nature give up easily. Growing taller is not an easy goal, and it takes time. If it takes months to years for people to lose weight, what more of height?

With that in mind, we understand how a Grow Taller program in itself is already overwhelming, what more planning for one. Therefore, we have come up with a new, improved and an effective solution for many of you out there who wish to grow taller, and yet neglected of the day-to-day guidance that you need to put yourself into the Latter category! We are proud to announce the official launch of our new product called. ‘Grow Taller Pyramid Secret (GTPS)’ where individuals are guided on a monthly basis towards their dream height goal! You no longer need to be afraid of not knowing how to plan your schedule, or not know the how-to-start information. No more excuses people! We believe with this new system, more people who is in the Former category can switch to the Latter category!

With that, we wish all of you the best of luck in your growing taller journey!