Good Grow Taller Breakfast Foods (Part 1)

Good Grow Taller Breakfast Foods

Apart From our Own Programs…Quite a lot Of Grow Taller Programs on the Market Today Give Little indication to What Kinds Of Foods Are Good for Growing Taller…

I’m Going to Give you a Few Ideas of Some Good Combinations of Foods You can Eat for Specific Times of the Day…

On a Normal Grow Taller Training Day…The Meals Will Split into as Follows…

  • Breakfast…Meal 1
  • Snack…Meal 2
  • Lunch…Meal 3
  • Snack…Meal 4
  • Tea/Supper…Meal 5
  • Snack…Meal 6

One Important thing to remember is that…You are Feeding You Body to Grow Taller…and Not Be Traditional…often People Eat Certain Foods At breakfast Time just because the Food Is associated with That Particular Time…

For Example…Cereal is Associated with Breakfast…

As You are Dieting to Grow Taller…you should Forget about Traditional Values sometimes…and Think what your Body Really Wants…

Many athletes Will Eat Foods that you May only Eat at Evening Meals or Lunch for Breakfast…Never Be Afraid to Confront Traditional Values and Say “Sorry…But I’m Eating To Grow Taller…not For Pleasure”

So if you need to get some Protein in…During the morning…Embrace eating Tuna Or Vegetables as Breakfast…Your body Will Love and Reward you in the Long Run….and Give you the Height You desire…

So With That in Mind…

Here are a Few Suggestions for Some Breakfast Meal Plans

1) Porridge Oats With Protein Powder (enough Powder that Provides about 30g of Protein)…

Things You Can Add For Taste and Added Vitamins:- ( Nuts/Frozen Fruit/Jam/Jelly/Honey/Peanut Butter/Flax Seed/dried fruit/)

2) Whole Meal Bread (Toasted if you Wish) With Mackerel Fillets (Equivalent Protein to 30g)

Things You Can Add For Taste and Added Vitamins:-(Nuts/Cheese/pepper/Vegetables/ Chopped Tomatoes/ knob of Butter)

3) Toasted Wholemeal Bagels With Salmon and Crème Cheese Fillets (Equivalent Protein to 30g)

4) Tuna Chunks Fillets (Equivalent Protein to 30g) & Mixed Vegetables

Things You Can Add For Taste and Added Vitamins:-(Nuts/Cheese/ Chopped Tomatoes/ Avocados/cottage cheese)

5) Chicken Sausage (Equivalent Protein to 30g) Toasty On Wholemeal Bread

Things You Can Add For Taste and Added Vitamins:-(Nuts/Cheese/ Chopped Tomatoes/ Avocados/Tomato or Brown Sauce)

Bon appetite!


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