Grow Taller Snack Foods (Part 4)

Grow Taller Snack Foods

Here Are some Snack Food Suggestions For Growing Taller and Increasing Height…

1) Cottage Cheese + Pineapple (With Option of Adding Nuts or Dried Fruit)

2) Natural Yogurt With Honey (With Option of Adding Nuts or Dried Fruit)

3) Protein Shake (Equivalent Protein to 30g)

4) Fruit Smoothie with Plain Protein (Equivalent Protein to 30g)

5) Hand Full of Mixed Nuts ( with the Option of Mixing Dried Fruit into it too)

I Hope You Enjoyed the Last 4 posts and they have given you an Idea Of Some Grow Taller Foods…Remember these Foods are Not The Be All and End all…They are just Suggestions…In fact A lot of them are based Round Foods that I eat Myself…

I know that in Different Cultures and Parts Of the World and Religions Etc…It can be Hard to Get these Foods into Your Diet…

It Is an Area Of Growing Taller That We are Looking at and in The Tips To Follow we will be Sharing different Foods and Diets You can Adapt if Your…

  • Vegetarian
  • Muslim
  • Come From a Limited income Home
  • Have Limited Time

And Many More!

Bon appetite!

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