If I Grow Taller Will My Mushroom Tip Grow too?


I Thought That I Would have to Follow up that post about Boobs With The Males Version!

So Yeah… As Much As I Get Asked About Boobs Growing…I Get Even More Emails From Men Asking about Whether Their Mushroom Tip Will Grow?

And It’s Of Similar Results…

The Programs We implement Concentrate On the Huge Release Of Growth Hormone…And Of Course That Gets Dispersed Throughout the Body! So YES…I have Had Accounts Of Peoples Mushroom Tips Growing Longer/Thicker And Fuller!

Haha…Crazy! Taller and Bigger Mushroom Tips!

You Can’t Lose!

Quite Often You Wont See Many Questions About The Mushroom Tip Growth Posted On Video’s /Forums Etc… Because It’s a Subject That a lot Of Men are Uncomfortable Talking About…

In-fact When People Have emailed Me Questions About the Subject They have Asked That I Keep the Email Strictly Confidential Between Them And Myself…

If I Grow Taller Will My Mushroom Tip  Grow too - grow taller pyramid secret

So To Answer The Question…Yes…Your Mushroom Tip Will Grow In Proportion To the Growth Spurt You Encourage!

The Trouble is I get So Many People Thanking Me for Helping Them Increase Their Mushroom Tip Size and Height…But They Always Request That I Not Use Their Name/Picture/Testimonial On My Website for Their Confidentiality…and I have to Respect Their Wishes…

A lot Of People Who Want To Grow Taller Already Have Confidence Issues Stemming From Their Height…and They Don’t Want to be Put up on Websites for all Their Friends And Family to see…Which I Can Understand…

They Want Everyone To Feel Like They Just Grew Taller Normally… Like Everyone else!… A Growth Spurt! That Was Completely Unexpected!

So For A lot Of People Testimonials Are Out of the Question…But I Keep Trying To Get People to Come Round…J…Because When You see Others Growing Taller You Are More Encouraged Yourself To Grow Taller!

Keep Pushing to Your Limits! And Please Please Give Me a Testimonial If I Help You Grow…You Have No Need To be Embarrassed! And Just Think…By Showing Off How Tall You have Grown…You Will Go on to Help the Next Short Person!

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