Grow Taller Lunch Foods (Part 2)

Grow Taller Lunch Foods

Here Are some Lunch Time Food Suggestions For Growing Taller and Increasing Height… Read part one here).

1) Chicken Slices (Equivalent Protein to 30g) With Wholemeal Pita Bread

Things You Can Add For Taste and Added Vitamins:-(Nuts/Cheese/ Chopped Tomatoes/Vegetables/ Avocados/cottage cheese)

2) Sardines (Equivalent Protein to 30g) With Cous cous

Things You Can Add For Taste and Added Vitamins:-(Nuts/Cheese/ Chopped Tomatoes/ Avocados/cottage cheese/Vegetables)

3) Chicken Caesar Salad (Equivalent Protein to 30g)

Things You Can Add For Taste and Added Vitamins:-(Nuts/Cheese/ Chopped Tomatoes/ Avocados/cottage cheese/salad Dressings)

4) Chicken Curry (Equivalent Protein to 30g)  With a Pita Bread

Things You Can Add For Taste and Added Vitamins:-(Nuts/Cheese/ Chutney Avocados/cottage cheese)

5) Poached Eggs (Equivalent Protein to 30g) With Wholemeal Bread or Toast

Things You Can Add For Taste and Added Vitamins:-(Nuts/Cheese/ Chopped Tomatoes/ Avocados/cottage cheese/Tomato or Brown Sauce/pepper)

Bon appetite!

Good Grow Taller Breakfast Foods (Part 1)

Good Grow Taller Breakfast Foods

Apart From our Own Programs…Quite a lot Of Grow Taller Programs on the Market Today Give Little indication to What Kinds Of Foods Are Good for Growing Taller…

I’m Going to Give you a Few Ideas of Some Good Combinations of Foods You can Eat for Specific Times of the Day…

On a Normal Grow Taller Training Day…The Meals Will Split into as Follows…

  • Breakfast…Meal 1
  • Snack…Meal 2
  • Lunch…Meal 3
  • Snack…Meal 4
  • Tea/Supper…Meal 5
  • Snack…Meal 6

One Important thing to remember is that…You are Feeding You Body to Grow Taller…and Not Be Traditional…often People Eat Certain Foods At breakfast Time just because the Food Is associated with That Particular Time…

For Example…Cereal is Associated with Breakfast…

As You are Dieting to Grow Taller…you should Forget about Traditional Values sometimes…and Think what your Body Really Wants…

Many athletes Will Eat Foods that you May only Eat at Evening Meals or Lunch for Breakfast…Never Be Afraid to Confront Traditional Values and Say “Sorry…But I’m Eating To Grow Taller…not For Pleasure”

So if you need to get some Protein in…During the morning…Embrace eating Tuna Or Vegetables as Breakfast…Your body Will Love and Reward you in the Long Run….and Give you the Height You desire…

So With That in Mind…

Here are a Few Suggestions for Some Breakfast Meal Plans

1) Porridge Oats With Protein Powder (enough Powder that Provides about 30g of Protein)…

Things You Can Add For Taste and Added Vitamins:- ( Nuts/Frozen Fruit/Jam/Jelly/Honey/Peanut Butter/Flax Seed/dried fruit/)

2) Whole Meal Bread (Toasted if you Wish) With Mackerel Fillets (Equivalent Protein to 30g)

Things You Can Add For Taste and Added Vitamins:-(Nuts/Cheese/pepper/Vegetables/ Chopped Tomatoes/ knob of Butter)

3) Toasted Wholemeal Bagels With Salmon and Crème Cheese Fillets (Equivalent Protein to 30g)

4) Tuna Chunks Fillets (Equivalent Protein to 30g) & Mixed Vegetables

Things You Can Add For Taste and Added Vitamins:-(Nuts/Cheese/ Chopped Tomatoes/ Avocados/cottage cheese)

5) Chicken Sausage (Equivalent Protein to 30g) Toasty On Wholemeal Bread

Things You Can Add For Taste and Added Vitamins:-(Nuts/Cheese/ Chopped Tomatoes/ Avocados/Tomato or Brown Sauce)

Bon appetite!


Will Coffee and Tea Effect Growth?

Will Coffee and Tea Effect Growth

Any Type of Coffee Or Teas Have Not Been Directly Related to Actually Decreasing Height at All…

However it Can Lead to Lack Of Sleep if taken at the Wrong Time and That’s when it will start to be detrimental to your Height!

Everyone has Different Levels of tolerance to Caffeine Which can be Found Both in Coffee and Tea…Some People may be able to Drink it Up until Bedtime and Still get a Good Sleep…

However for Most People…I would Recommend No Coffee or Tea 6 Hours Before You plan to Be Going to Bed…

This Will ensure that Your Sleep will be Undisturbed and that that most Vital First Few Hours Are Perfect for the Large Release of Growth hormone…

So You can Still Enjoy Your Coffee & Tea! …don’t Worry…And also Remember that the Water You use in the Drink Will go towards Your 8 glasses a Day that are essential for Growing Taller!

Smoothies and their effect on Growing Taller

grow taller smoothie

In This Day and Age…Everything is Changing so Fast…People are Working Faster…and there is little time to Do Anything During the Day!

Especially to sit down and Prepare Healthy Meals and Snacks! People Are on the Go! And need Convenience!

Not Very Many of us Will have Enough time During the Day to Chop and Create Fruit Salads or Snacks that Give us All the Essential Vitamins and Minerals We Need.

Fortunately We Now Have SMOOTHIES…

Smoothies are Generally Drinks Created From Fresh Fruit & Veg that Can be Carried Around and Drunk at Your Convenience…

If you struggle to get in 5 Different Types of Fruit and Vegetables Per Day then SMOOTHIES Will be Ideal For You!

Most Are Made With Pure Blended Fresh Fruit & Vegetables…So You Wont be Sacrificing Any Part of your Diet or Supplementing it!

Some Can Be Really Nice Too! Here in the UK We have Smoothies By a company Called Innocent…and they are Delicious…They are a little Expensive….but are made with Fresh Fruit & Vegetables…

I Recommend the Strawberries & Banana Flavour…it’s Gorgeous!

A lot of Other Companies and Supermarkets have caught onto this…So if You Don’t Have innocent in Your Country…then just Look for Pure Fruit Smoothies at your Local Supermarket…

There is no Excuses Now for Not Getting The Correct Vitamins and Minerals You need for Growing Taller!


What Amount of Protein is Necessary Per Day for Growing Taller?

Can Protein Help You to Grow Taller - scales

As Long as you can Get 30g of Protein per meal and the total Days Protein Adds up to your Body Weight in Pounds then You Should be fine…

For Example:

If you Weight 200 Pounds You will need 200g of Protein Throughout the Day.


So You Could Split it up Like this…

Meal 1=30g

Meal 2=30g

Meal 3=30g

Meal 4=30g

Meal 5=30g

Meal 6=30g

Meal 7=20g

Total for the Day=200g

grow taller diet - plate

To check what amount of protein a Certain Food has in it. Just check the Nutritional Information on the Label…

Get Eating That Protein For Great Results on your Height!

How Much Water to Drink for Growing Taller

grow taller diet - glass of water

Just How a Flower Needs Water to Grow Taller…So Do You!

Make sure you get 8 glasses of water…if you Drink Coffee or Tea or Drinks With Water In Cordials…these too also Count as One of your Glasses a Typical Glass of Water is 14-16oz …Roughly about 0.4 Litres…So if You Have 2 Cups of Tea that have about 0.2 Litres Each then that will Equal to one of your Glasses.

Drink Up! And See the Results On your Height!

What to Do if You are Struggling with a Grow Taller Diet

grow taller diet

If I am Struggling With the Diet Can You Give me The Basics of what I need to eat in order to Grow Taller?

If You are Really Really Struggling With the Diet For Growing Taller…Then Here are a Few Basic Essentials of What to Eat in Order To Make sure You don’t Miss Out on Increasing Height…

Try To Eat 6 Small Meals Per Day

Even though this could be Repetitive and Basic…It Will Help you to Grow Taller…

Every Meal…Try to Get 30 Grams Of Protein…Ideal Product and Cheapest is a can of Tuna in Either Brine or Sunflower Oil…

Combine this with a Bowl of Mixed Vegetables (Broccoli, Spinach, Carrots, Green Beans, Cauliflower, Peas,)

And That’s it!

grow taller diet - protein

If you ate this 6 times per day along with your 8 Glasses of Water…You would not be sacrificing your Height for a Poor Diet…

Now I know it’s a Bit Extreme…But I have Been Asked So Many Times about the Essentials for Growing Taller…

Most People will Have a Much More Varied Diet than This…Porridge For Breakfast…Yoghurts / Nuts / Fruit for snacks….Carbs ( Bread, Pasta, Cous Cous etc)…But I just wanted to show you how Basic Your Diet can Be in Order to Grow Taller…

Bon appetite!