People that Shout SCAM!!! About Grow Taller Programs!

People that Shout SCAM!!! About Grow Taller Programs! GTPS

Often People Who Shout SCAM are The Ones Who Try a Grow Taller Program Half Heartedly and Don’t Succeed!… So Rather Than Blame Themselves They Blame The Programs…Be Careful Not to Listen To Them…As They Will Tell you That You Can’t do it…Just so They Can Feel Better…When They Are The Ones Who Are the Scam!

How Can They Justify Lack Of Effort for a Good Attempt…It’s Criminal!

Why Should You Sacrifice Your Chances Of Growing Taller & Increasing Height Based Upon Someone Else’s Commitment Levels…Its Ludicrous

A lot of These Types Of People Just Don’t Want People to Grow! They Really Annoy Me!

Sorry….But So Many of Them “Critics” Only Give Height Programs like a Week and If It Doesn’t Work They Shout “Scam” or Whatever….

So It’s up To you.  If you Don’t Want to Grow Taller Then Listen to the Grow Taller Forums & Haters (it’s Full of Negative People Who Don’t Give Most Programs a Chance and Just Want to Moan about it Because They Can’t be Bothered to do the stretching/Exercise/Diet each day)

Another Thing To Remember is That These People are Very Bitter…If You Told Them About Your Success…They Would Say That You Didn’t Follow a Grow Taller Program With Effort…You Are Just Lucky.  Crazy!

Here is A Good Little Saying…

“You Will Never Become What You Are Unwilling To Pursue”

These People Need to Remember That Growing Taller Is a Process…It’s Not Just a One Week Thing…

Anyways…I’m Here To Give You some Positive Advice! And If Your Desire To Be Taller Matches Your Effort Levels Then That’s What You will Receive! So Just Push Yourself Everyday To be The Best You Can Be…I Believe in You!


Second Growth Spurts – Like Ones From Puberty

Second Growth Spurts – Like Ones From Puberty - GTPS

Second Growth Spurts Are The Best Way To Grow Taller In My Opinion!

They Give All Over Growth With a Permanent Effect! And You Grow In Proportion without Side Effects!

And Quite Often You Can Encourage Them As Though You Where in Your Teenage Years Even Up to 30 Years Of Age!!! And Even Then People Have Gone On To Have Them After 30! But Most People Get These Big Growth Spurts in Their Teens…Yet It doesn’t’ Send Them into the High figures, Height Wise…They May Grow From 4ft 11’ to 5ft 5’…Then Feel Like The Next Spurt is On the Horizon

But It Never Comes…it’s Never Encouraged!

A lot Of These People Are Disappointed and are Looking For Ways To Encourage That Second Spurt that Could Mean The Difference Between Being Tall Or Short!

I Still Find it Crazy That Just 6 inches Can Mean the difference between being Classed as Tall or Short…

And I’m sure You Could Possibly Be in this Same Situation!

So I’m Sure By Now You have Been Following A lot Of My Tips and Tricks To Grow Taller And Get That Spurt…

But I Want To Share a Few Things With you That you Should be Doing to help Encourage That Second Spurt…

Even If Your Not Following Any Particular Program…Just Put These Into Your Daily Routine and at Least You Will Be Doing Something To Give You That Bit More of An Advantage To Your Height!

The GTG (Grow Taller Guru’s) 3 Essential Things You Should Be Doing To Get a Growth Spurt!

1) Drink 8 Glasses Of Water Per Day…Roughly (2-3 Litres)

2) Drink 2 Glasses Of Milk Equal To 1 Litre ( 0.5Litres Per Glass) With High Calcium Content (200mg Of Calcium Per 100ml of Milk is Good)

3) Don’t Mess With Any Electronic Devices 1 Hour Before Sleep, Eg. I-phone…PC…Watching TV….Only Exceptions Are Listening To Relaxing Music To Wind Down To…This Will Ensure a Deep Night Sleep!  

I won’t Go into Loads Of Detail about the Last Point…But Basically Electronic Devices Keep Your Mind Awake For Longer Period Of time…Even if Your Body is Actually Tired…it’s As Bad As Having a Coffee Before You Go To Bed…

Anyways…if You Do this Minimum Then You Could Potentially Be Putting Yourself and Body into a Better Position For Getting That Growth Spurt!


Negativity Will Keep You Short!

Negativity Will Keep You Short! How to grow taller

I Can’t Stress to People How Important it is to Stay Positive During a Grow Taller Program…

You Need to Keep Negativity Away No Matter How Hard the Program Gets and No Matter how many Negative People Try To Steal Away Your Dream of Becoming Taller…

I Don’t Know Why But So Many People Are So Quick To Have Opinions on Matters that they have never experienced.  A lot of the Time People are Not Saying it on purpose.  They Are maybe just Giving an opinion that has been passed onto them by somebody else…

We are All guilty of Passing Judgements on things that we have not had first hand experience with…

But the trouble is that someone could say to you “You can’t Grow Taller…My Brother Tried that and it didn’t Work For him…So you are wasting your time”…and this alone would be enough to STOP some people from Achieving their Dream Height!


When Someone passes on a opinion about Growing Taller and Increasing Height just take it with a pinch of salt or even

Rise To the Challenge…!!!

Can you imagine your Friends Face when you have Grown Taller! It will completely eliminate his/her opinion of Growing Taller and Prove that he/she was Wrong! Plus it Will Change his/her Opinions that he may pass on in the Future about Growing Taller!…

Now He/She may Give More Constructive Options to others and thus Encouraging people to Grow Taller Not Discourage them…

He/She May Say “ Oh Yeah…You can Grow Taller My Friend (Firstname) Grew 3 inches Taller in 8 Weeks! You should Give it a Go”….

See How Much More Encouraging this is! If your Friend Told you this! You would be Filled with Enthusiasm! And Not Disappointed Before Even Starting Out on your Grow Taller Journey…

Just Focus On What it Will be Like when You are Taller! Think of all the things You Will Be able to Do When You Grow! Think of How You Will Feel when You reach The Height Of your Dreams….What a Sense of Achievement You will have Created…

Just Remember We All have Negative thoughts…it’s Natural…

If You Follow Negative Thoughts = You Will NOT Grow Taller!

If You Pursue  Positive Thoughts = You WILL Grow Taller!

So Who are you going to listen to?