Take a Week Off Before Repeating a Grow Taller Program!

Take a Week Off Before Repeating a Grow Taller Program - grow taller pyramid secret

In Most Cases You Will Grow To Your Desired Height in 45-180 days.


There are those people that Wish to Repeat Programs in order to Get Even More Height…

One thing I Would Recommend is having a week off Before repeating The Program.  This Will Not only Give your Body Much Needed Rest…But…It Will Also Give your Body’s Joints & Muscles a Chance to recover before you Repeat the Training regime…

Not Only that but a Week off will also Give your Mind that Much needed Break with an Opportunity to reflect on the Height goals you have already achieved and What You Are aiming For by repeating Your Current Program once More.

It Will also Give you a sense of Reward. And that Even though you are still wanting to gain even more height…You have already achieved a lot…and this deserves a Reward which can Be this Rest Week…

I would Also encourage you to even treat yourself to maybe the Junk foods that you will of cut out of your diet while on the previous program…this will not only get the cravings out of your system for when you Restart your program but will also kick in your metabolism… Your body will not recognize the foods that you are putting into it and compensate by kicking in your metabolism!

It’s a win-win situation!

So Go on…Give yourself a rest Week! You deserve it!

It Will Do You more Good to have this rest week than to not have one!  So don’t feel Guilty for it!

One thought on “Take a Week Off Before Repeating a Grow Taller Program!”

  1. Hello GTG,

    I have been following you for years since the days you used to upload lots of videos onto YouTube and since the GT4I program. I even own your GT4I as well as the grow taller in 90 days AND the new one you made with that other guy. I mean, I have the full membership and access to all stages etc. So please answer my questions as they are of very much importance to me!

    1). I don’t mean to rush you but I was already interested in HGH beats myself. Binual beats or isometric tones or whatever they are called. And you mentioned that you are working on it and it would be release very soon. I just want to know when because I am really interested in using them but on the internet they are all very different so I would trust the one you release much better. I just want to implement it all into my body TOGETHER so I get maximum HGH release and possibly have a growth spurt! And i am not willing to do the program for 2 years or so by doing a stage a month but as long as it is less than 6-9 months I am fine. Thanks

    2). If daedliffts are fine then so should military/shoulder press be right? It won’t compress spine too much right? And later during the day closer to going to bed I will hang anyway.

    4). REM or NON-REM sleep for HGH and growth? Just wondering.

    5). I am not willing to depend on a supplement and take it my whole life n so please tell me if glucosamine is for temporary or permanent results in height. I read it only gives temporary results, but is it somehow gonna be permanent cus we are releaseing HGH n stretching etc. with this program? Cus I would rather not grow at all rather than grow temporary and shrink back even if it is just 1-2 inches. So tell me so I could avoid it if it is only temporary.

    Thanks GTG! Please reply ASAP! I believe in you and GTPS!

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