Ok… So Why The Grow Taller Pyramid System?

Unlike Any Other Grow Taller Programs “The Grow Taller Pyramid Secret” is designed so that you don’t get overwhelmed with the changes that have to come to become taller. The changes are built into your habits month after month, so you stay consistent with your program and see RESULTS! Scientific research has shown that a consistent and persistent effort towards growing taller has seen the biggest and best results.

“I want you to get excited about Growing Taller! I want you to look forward to the next month’s plan. Even if you feel that any particular stage is too easy, by taking things steady, you will build momentum and discipline…”

Lance Ward

The key to being Taller is simplicity!

For years Height companies have been taking advantage of people by giving them information OVERLOAD. Just a mass of information that is put in no particular order. Or an indication of the importance of specific steps before others. With the GTPS( Grow Taller Pyramid Secret) System, we are putting this horde of information into the correct order of what needs to be done first! In this sense, you can be sure that you are building the proper foundations for growing to your Maximum Potential.

“The most important thing in Growing Taller is disciplining yourself by doing one small thing every day every 24 hours…and if you can’t do this then you are on the wrong Website…”

Lance Ward

Key Features of The GTPS System

Technical FAQs
Q) Why can’t I view the workbook after I downloaded it?
A) The workbook is in a pdf format so you will need Adobe pdf reader to view it.  You can download it for FREE from their site here http://get.adobe.com/reader/ 
Q)Where do I go to get to the latest STAGE that I’m on?
A) To Go to the Latest STAGE of the GTPS system or the LEVEL that you are Currently at Goto:-


You will be able to view New STAGES/LEVELS every 30 days.
Q)How will I be billed?
A)You will be billed $64.90/$49(depending on what program you are on) every single month until you have grown to your desired Height.
Q)Will the payment be taken automatically?
A)The payment will be taken automatically from the card you signed up with.
Q)When I am ready, how can I cancel/ unsubscribe from the site?
A) All you need to do is put your order number and details into the support part of the Clickbank website.  Then you can change your subscription settings to cancel, and you will be not be Billed (NOTE: You will lose your membership access to the site if you do this)
For any other questions, please get in touch via the email address below. ??????
 info @ GrowTallerPyramidSecret (DOT) com
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