How To Grow Taller – 5 things you should be doing RIGHT NOW!!!

How To Grow Taller ?

Are you confused when it comes to Growing Taller? the main question i get as the Grow Taller Guru is How To Grow Taller?

Now…There is no simple answer to this…

but i’m going to share 5 things that you should be doing right now in order to Grow Taller

1) You Should be Getting 7-8 Hours of Solid Sleep Per Day 

2) You Should be Following Some sort of Stretching Regime

 3) You Should be Drinking 2 Litres of Water Per day

4) You Should be Getting a daily intake of Proteins From Foods in your Diet



5) You should Stop Smoking and Quit Alcoholic Drinks immediately.



Growing Taller Does Not Happen Overnight!!!

at the moment I have 2 volunteers trying out my Grow Taller program to see the effects on their heights checkout the videos below and please subscribe to my channel for weekly updates on their progress!


42 thoughts on “How To Grow Taller – 5 things you should be doing RIGHT NOW!!!”

  1. Hi
    My name is hassan and i just wanted to know that can you get taller cause am i smoker and my age is 20 i started smoking when i was 14 or 15 and my heighT is 5.6 or 7 i want to get taller than my exact height i hope i get responce thanks.

    1. Hey Hassan – You can still grow taller, but it is best to cut down or quit as the smoking will harm your efforts. Regards, GTG

      1. Hey Hassan – The stages come with a workbook and video which guide you through everything you need to do. Regards, GTG

    1. Hey Hassan – if you follow the program you should be able to increase your height between 3-6 inches. Regards, GTG

  2. Hi lance

    Ive been through your clips on your youtube channal and ive been following those streches for few months til now but still havent seen any results on myself but i still do smoke i want your for the reason being. I hope you get intouch with me.
    Thanks lance mate

    1. Hey Hassan – it is best to follow a fuller program like the GTPS – as while the the stretches on youtube will help, without the structure and the rest of the program you may not get consistent growth. The smoking is one of the worst things for growing taller as well, so that won’t be helping. Are you also getting good sleep? Regards, GTG

      1. Hey Hassan – Well, if you keep doing the youtube exercises and make sure you get enough sleep – it will help a lot. Regards, GTG

  3. I got another question about growth is it true that growth plate finshes when your 21 cause am 21 now and when ever i do. Leg streches at home and my family starts asking me why you doing streches for then i said i would love to grow more taller and my family. replies its to late your 21 now u cant grow taller so i want to. Find out the write point about this question. Thanks

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